Our concrete inground pools, a fine product

At Piscine Boisbriand inc., we offer a quality product that meets the standards of the residential and commercial construction.

All our projects are done in shotcrete. Few entrepreneurs are available for this type of construction. The experience and skills required for this method are very high.

Shotcrete is factory blended and requires much less water than concrete mixed on site. Once delivered on the ground, it is projected using very high velocity air so it can reach, reinforced with steel, a extreme high solidity (4000 psi / 2700 kPa). It is freely applied with a hose and nozzle, it allows the creation of structures of all shapes.

Our team

We are proud to count within our ranks the best in the field.

You can rest assured that your project will be completed according to your wishes, thanks to the experience that each of us has accumulated over the years.

Throughout the entire installation process, our team takes care to offer you a professional and personalized service.

To complete your landscaping project